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Top 5 Places to Learn How to Develop Software

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Technological advancement resulted in an efficiency surge in a host of fields like; manufacturing, defense, and healthcare systems to mention a few.

Consequently, we’ve become dependent on technology to solve our day to day problems and hence the need for software developers.

The demand for software developers remains somewhat high, with the US alone offering over 627,000 technology-related jobs.

Supposing you desire to join the software development bandwagon by honing your tech skills in software development, we’ve compiled a list of popular online platforms from which you can get the required training.

1.    Codecademy

Popular among developers, Codecademy stands as a reputable platform from which aspiring programmers can sharpen their skills. Codeacademy’s online classes offer up-to-date education that’s relevant to solving present day’s technological issues while still with one eye focused on the future.

This interactive platform has trained over 24 million people in; JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python, PHP, jQuery, and Ruby.

Regardless of your level of expertise, Codeacademy’s computer classes will add value to you.

2.    Udemy

Founded in 2010, Udemy took software developer education to another level. One notable thing about their program is the availability of free courses. However, even those that require payment are offered at a set pocket-friendly price.

Udemy offers well over 45,000 courses; all five star rated that gives confidence to prospective learners on the quality of courses on offer.

3.    Woz U

The Woz U software developer education program offers a top-of-the-range online learning platform where students learn programming languages such as; JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and C#.

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Woz U use highly interactive tutoring methods like; HD Video instruction, browser-based Labs, 1-on-1 mentors and quality content. Woz U experts advise users on the most in-demand programming languages depending on where one lives.

develop software

Whether your interests lie in front-end or back-end software development or database design, Woz U courses will set you in good stead.

4.   Codewars

At Codewars, you gain in-depth knowledge of coding in a fun way. Some of the coding languages on offer include; Crystal, C++, Java, JavaScript, Rust, SQL, PHP, Swift, TypeScript, and Ruby.

Codewar’s base their learning program “kata” which in laymen refers to a series of milestones aimed at sharpening the learner’s skills.

5.  FreeCodeCamp

For persons engaged in charity work offering technical services in software development, freeCodeCamp is the place for them. The site is open for persons keen on learning tech-courses more so in software development.

Launched in October 2014, freeCodeCamp’s interactive learning web platform comprises of a 1,200-hour self-paced curriculum that provides interactive coding challenges and web development projects.

Additionally, the freeCodeCamp curriculum comprises of an additional 800 hours of contributing to charitable open-source projects.

Some of the courses on offer include; JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, among others. Learners get to use chat rooms to get real-time help from experts and students.



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