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Gaming has always been an interactive form of activity. In addition to multiplayer games, even gamers who focus on single player games resort to gaming communities and forums to discuss their experiences, and find more ways to make their gaming experience better. Gaming communities enhance the gaming experience by allowing gamers to hear more theories about their favourite games as well as improve their knowledge about the various aspects of the games.


Here are the top 10 gaming online communities every gamer should be part of:

PC gaming subreddit

Reddit is one of the most popular online communities in the World. And the PC gaming subreddit is one of the most popular gaming communities on Reddit. It covers every type of posts, from game playing experiences, to reporting of bugs and crashes and getting solutions, if you have anything to share about your experience playing a game, this subreddit is probably the first place to visit.


Yet another popular online forum which is known well for the high number of users involved in detailed discussions regarding almost every topic about most games out there. Resetera provides a simple (if backdated) interface that intentionally or unintentionally gives you nostalgic vibes of the 90s online forum boards and makes it easy to navigate. It has now arguably surpassed NeoGAF, another popular online forum which is included lower down the list. Most importantly Resetera is a good source of picking up leaked game information combined with lots and lots of juicy rumors.

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For online casino game enthusiasts who spend a ton of their time playing online gambling games, askgamblers.com acts as a one stop shop for picking up latest updates, tip, tricks and discussions regarding most of the popular online casino games. It has a simple and easy to use system interface, and is home to a ton of discussions regarding interesting topics. A must visit for all casino game enthusiasts. You may know about the tricks used by other fellow gamblers to ace in the game or use their other tips.


NeoGAF is yet another online gaming forum, similar to Resetera, which is used frequently by game developers to update new information about their games. With over 120,000 members and 100 million+ messages spread across nearly a million threads, it is safe to say that NeoGAF covers almost all topics related to any game one might play.

Intense discussions and fan theories are a common part of most of NeoGAF threads, and in addition, there is a separate off topic set of threads, used by gamers for discussing interesting happening in the outside world. Overall it provides an immersive experience for any gamer trying to get involved in a gaming community.

Build a PC subreddit

Yet another subreddit that makes the list is the Build a PC subreddit, which is directed towards addressing every gamer’s questions and queries regarding building or performance of their gaming devices. The subreddit is the place to go if you’re looking to find out which hardware components you need to add to get the best out of your current PC, or hold a discussion regarding the merits of the latest graphics processors or the latest CPUs.

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Patient Gamers

Many times, gamers miss out on playing a particular gaming title when they are released, due to a variety of reasons, and do not get around to playing the game till quite a few years later. The Patient Gamers forum allows those gamers to feel like a part of the discussion when they do play the game. The forum allows discussions on games which are at least 6 months old.

However, most of the threads are about games that are far older. It provides an excellent chance to experience the thrill of discussing Crysis 2 with someone who’s also playing it for the first time.

Game detectives’ subreddit

The final subreddit to make it to the list is also one of the most interesting forums on the list. The game detectives’ subreddit is solely dedicated to discussing and solving various Easter eggs and mysteries that are often incorporated into the modern day games. It is a place where all of the hidden mysteries are discussed, dissected, debated and argued by dedicated gamers who make it their life’s mission to unravel every piece of code that goes behind creating a game.

The Dark Souls community

Moving on to the best of individual game dedicated communities, the Dark Souls community comes up as the first name on the list, not just due to its quality, but also the friendliness of the forum in general. The dark Souls forums include dedicated players who work their way through learning and mastering one of the most technically challenging games ever made. New players are welcomed with easy acceptance and they find it incredibly convenient to get in on the action. Detailed discussions regarding the backstory and details of the game are a common sight in the forum.

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Total War community

Total war series is perhaps one of the most popular RTS gaming franchises of all time. What makes the forum of Total War worth mentioning, is the high level of cooperation that members provide to each other. Along with this, the forum is home to some of the most talented modders for the game, and various mods are made easily accessible to the members, which makes their gaming experience even better. A must visit for all RTS enthusiasts.

Elder Scrolls community

The final entry into the list includes the Elder Scrolls community, especially those revolving around Skyrim. Skyrim, being the vast game it was, offers content which are still being discovered everyday by gamers, multiple years after the release of the game. The forum holds detailed discussions regarding different types of theories and reveals regarding the game, and also provides gamers with tons of exciting mods which makes the world of Skyrim even better.



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